Today it begins. After thinking about it for years and making plans for about a year we leave today to travel to St. Jean Pied de Port in France. That is one of the popular towns for beginning the walk that is known as the Camino de Santiago ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Way_of_St._James ). We will be walking 500 miles from St. Jean in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain along the route known as the French Route or Camino Francés.


The journey will take somewhere around 34 days of walking and a few more of resting. It is not an organized walk so there is no set itinerary or agenda. We anticipate that it will be a journey for the body, mind and soul. Beyond that we don’t know what to anticipate. We will be carrying most of what we need for those 5+ weeks on our backs getting to know more about what is essential in our lives. From what we’ve read “essential” equals about 20 – 25 pounds. We are not camping which helps with the weight. We will stay mostly in Refugios, which are shelters for pilgrims and are similar to hostels, and sometimes in hotels. We don’t have to carry food other that what we need for lunch on the route. A collection of most of what I think I need looks like this.


In the next few hours we will be double checking our lists, adding some things (not too much) and probably taking some things out of our packs. One thing that I decided to take after much thought is my cell phone. It can serve as a multifunction device. I can use it for emergencies, for a camera, and thanks to the training I received from Griff Wigley I can post to this blog. I hope that I will be able to find things to write about and pictures to share. Then I hope I can find a wi-fi connection to send the postings.

So, in a matter of hours my world will be the Camino, the refugios and cafes, the other pilgrims and my pack.


When we get back I’m sure I will have stories to share Over the Table.


10 thoughts on “Pilgrimage

  1. Doug and June – Have a wonder-filled adventure! Doug, I think the JUst Good Books Club will have to add your blog to our discussions! 20-25 lbs covers the non-food essentials? Then with food & shelter, you’re getting close to the 100 possessions guideline.

  2. Doug and June, you are an example for a lot of people…I wish you a wonderful trip that I am sure will be full of amazing surprises!!! We’ll be expecting your posts…and thinking about you constantly!LoveP A & S

  3. A Celtic prayer for your journey…Bless to me, O God, the earth beneath my feet.Bless to me, O God, the path whereon I go.

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