This is a picture of the Abergue at Roncesvalles. It holds 120 people and it was full. In this huge converted barn there are 3 rows of bunk beds. The bathrooms and showers were downstairs.
A room this size statistically contains a fair number of snorers and that proved to be true. Many of our fellow travelers complained of the difficulty sleeping due to the cacophony that occurred that night. I discovered one of the up sides of wearing hearing aids. With them out sounds become muted and the softened night sounds reminded me of frogs around the pond or the circadia that were part of my childhood. Very relaxing. Leaving Roncevalles we experienced more down. It has become the majority opinion among the pilgrims we know that down is worse than up. We felt very ready to stop for the night in Zubiri. The first Abergue was full and we were headed to the next one when an old woman in the street stopped us and asked if we needed a room. She had a private room in a pensión with a bathroom shared by only 4 others. It was a restful night. Today was a rough one in that June developed a significant blister and pressure area on her foot and found walking difficult. That was compounded by my not feeling like we should buy a sandwich for the road I thought we’d stop at a cafe along the way. There were no cafes along the way. We stopped 5 km short of Pamploma tired and quite hungry. We found some food and wine, treated June’s foot and are ready to see what tomorrow brings. We have met so many interesting people with great stories. Some of them may be very ephemeral in that our different rates of travel separate us quickly. Others that we say our goodbyes to turn up once more in the town where we stop for the night. We never know. Again, I hope to tell some of their stories soon.

Tomorrow we’ll be going through Pamploma which is followed by another up and steep down so we don’t know where we will spend tomorrow night. Sent from my iPhone


One thought on “Sore

  1. Wonderful descriptions Doug, thank you for sharing some of the details. Looking forward to your access to a keyboard! Wish you both well on today’s trek.

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