Today’ route took us through Pamploma, an interesting city. We walked by the original city walls and over the draw bridge that served as the gateway to France. The route was well marked except once where there was a fork in the road. We chose correctly and were reassured when the people along the way reassured us we were on the Camino. The journey today was to take up a pretty steep UP but an even steeper DOWN (the guide books call it treacherous). June’s feet had not recovered and she wasn’t sure she could make that down part of the Camino today. We stopped instead at an Albergue in the tiny town of Zariquiegui. We hope that with a short day and rest June’s feet will ready for the up and down tomorrow. One thing we didn’t do today is get hungry! After our experience yesterday we loaded up, becoming our own deli. It felt good to stop and rest and have a bite to eat. We will probably try to repeat that experience. I noticed when I read my posting yesterday after sending that there were several spelling, grammatical and creativity errors. When one is tired the cell phone keyboard is particularly challenging. That and Apple’s auto fill to something I didn’t want filled… Anyway I was and oft will be too tired to proof read these postings. It would be difficult and expensive to edit them through the phone so until I get a real Internet connection with a real keyboard you are going to have to put up with it. I keep dropping the phone as I nod off so hasta pronto.


June coming up a “small” hill with Pamploma behind her. Sent from my iPhone


2 thoughts on “Zariquiegui

  1. Doug and June, you are both in my prayers, thoughts and good wishes. Oh how I remember it well. It seems like yesterday and yet it has been two years. I love hearing the details and it brings me right back. The Camino will live in you forever. Buen Camino!

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