Alto de Perdón

We left Zariquiegui with some apprehension. The elevation diagram indicated a pretty steep up and a steeper down. June’s feet continued to bother her. As it turned out it wasn’t too bad. Of course we measure bad in comparison with the path from SJPP to Roncevalles. Up was achieved through switchbacks (easy!). Down was fairly steep but a decent trail. At the top there is a tribute to the peligrinos (pilgrims) which was nice (see photo with me and a couple of them). Pamploma is in the background.


After Alto de Perdón the trail went through flatter, rolling countryside with farms and gardens along the way. Also a treat that has been present for most of the route are wild blackberries! They are small and there are many ripe ones. You’d think they’d all be eaten by the hundreds of pilgrims passing by daily but there are plenty for the taking. It may be that most think it takes too much time to stop and pick these small berries. They are delicious!

Before I get too far from SJPP let me tell you about David. We met David and his wife Noel in Orisson. David is from Italy and this is the second time he’s walked the Camino. The first time was about the same time of year. He left SJPP at 2:00 PM and arrived at Roncevalles at 10:00 PM traveling that distance mostly in the dark and alone. We had difficulty, sometimes, finding the path on the steep mountainsides and going down those very steep descents in the daylight. I don’t know how he did it. Neither does he. He says he wouldn’t do it again.


Today we passed through some pretty little towns and decided to stop at Puente la Reina. The photo above is a street scene from there. It was a short day, again, but we are investing time now in hope that June’s foot improves. Thanks for your comments and prayers. Sent from my iPhone



One thought on “Alto de Perdón

  1. We enjoy reading the daily updates. Take care – we keep you in our prayers. The scenery looks amazing. The UPS and DOWNS sound difficult!

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