Sole to soul

Today was a good walking day. June’s feet, while not great, were better. Less thinking about soles and more time for loftier thoughts. There were times I had difficulty keeping up with her. We covered over 20 km and got in synch with the guide book we’ve been using (though a day behind). The day was perfect for walking, cloudy and cool, until the hot sun came out the last couple hours. I decided to stop talking about ups and downs as they are there every day. Which brings to mind Salvina. Salvina is a young woman from Sicily whom we met at Orisson, over the table at dinner. She graduated with a degree in psychology and doesn’t have a job and doesn’t know what she wants to do so she is walking the Camino to learn more about what is important to her. She started in Italy and had been walking 10 weeks (now 11). She is going to walk to Santiago and then to Finisterre (the end of the known world in medieval times) and then she is walking…home. She figures it will take her about a year. We happened to be staying at the same place the first 4 days but we haven’t seen her the last two. I asked her if she experienced highs and lows during her walk and she said she did but overall the trip was great because the magic of the Camino is that when you are down and need something, the Camino provides it. She is a very inspiring woman. The photo shows our approach to a town that hopefully has a bar open for coffee and a W.C. As you might be able to see, we are in grape and olive country.


We ended our day in Estella and are staying in a large Albergue which we have to leave before 7:00 AM. So, good night. Sent from my iPhone


2 thoughts on “Sole to soul

  1. Your house is nice and dry. Still lots of water downtown and some road closings. Loved talking to June today. Thanks for all the wonderful comments and pictures

  2. Thanks for the update.  We r thinking of all those affected–businesses & or homes.  Hope the rain has abated.  JuneSent from my iPhone

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