The number and kinds of decisions change a bit on the Camino. For instance when I get up in the morning I do not have to deal with what I am going to do today. I am going to walk. What shall I have for breakfast? Well, cafe con leche, bread, butter (or sometimes, ick, margarine), and marmalade. No stressing over choices. Which way should we go? Just follow the yellow arrows. Where will we stop this evening? Wherever our bodies tell us to.


It’s not that there aren’t any decisions. When we do decide to stop there may be more than one albergue. Do we stay in the one with good facilities and 120 beds or the one with 26 beds but no Internet? Do we eat somewhere with a pelegrino menu or buy food at a grocery store and fix our own meal? Most of decisions, and there are probably thousands of them a day, have to do with walking. Does that part of the stony path look a little smoother? Is it worth the three extra steps to cross over to there? Are there fewer small rocks on this side if the path, the other side or in the middle? Those decisions are made almost automatically as I walk along. Should I fill up the camel back water reservoir (which involves entering and digging a little in my pack or do I think we have enough water to make the next town (I didn’t, we didn’t. )


The day was overcast and cool and great walking weather. We maintained a good pace (in spite of all the decisions) and ended up at Los Arcos. We are in tune with the guide book and sort of on our “itinerary.” This albergue has wi-fi and my phone shows a good signal, but it also says it can’t connect to the Internet. This will have to be posted later.
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One thought on “Decisions

  1. June and Doug, I am enjoying your pilgrimage step by step. I was following the two folks who walked around Lake Superior, but they’re home again. Now I can follow you and see a very different landscape. Thanks! Margit

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