La Revolución

Last night we stayed in Logroño. We had been warned. Many were staying in Viana, just short of Logroño for various reasons the main one being that there was a celebration of some sort scheduled in Logroño and it would be noisy. We stayed in a municipal albergue which was large (80 beds) and crowded. We ate in two tapas bars in the plaza. The first had bad service (with attitude) and mediocre food. The second had great service, good tapas, good Rioja wine, in a nicer setting and cost less. After that we went back to the albergue and to bed, though it was early. I was aware of a little street noise but went right to sleep. At about 4:15 AM I awoke hearing singing (not that good) and looked out the window to see a group of young men walking down the street singing at the tops of their lungs. June heard these rowdy young men all night and said it sounded like a revolution was going on. She felt, I guess, that she needed to save the Republic. As we left this morning street crews were busy cleaning up after the celebration (battle). We started off this morning with a double rainbow arching over our path. The photo does not catch the breadth or the doubleness of the rainbow. It was beautiful and held promise for the day. The end of the rainbow seemed so very close that I was tempted to go the end to get the pot of gold. But then I thought, “how would I carry it?” and walked on. It was a very close call!


We had decided last night to stop in Ventosa, a short 20 km day. I began to think we were wrong on planning such a short walk as the day was cool and the path was a nice one for walking. Actually it was the coldest day we’ve walked with a little misty rain off and on. Not at all bad for walking. We could cover a lot of distance on such a day But we stuck with our decision and are very happy we did. June started having a new type of foot discomfort. Also for both of us it was a day in which our bodies and spirits just were not into the walk so we stopped in Ventosa. Not much decision making here. There is one albergue and one restaurant. It turns out both are excellent. The Albergue San Saturnino is small (26 beds), fairly new, spotlessly clean, serene and friendly with laundry facilities, a small store, and free wi- fi. The only restaurant in town was excellent in terms of friendly service, good food and nice Rioja wine. This picture is approaching Ventosa. We have been surrounded by grape vines all day.


As portended by the rainbow, the day was a good one with a great ending. Hopefully June will recover from her battles of the Revolution last night. Sent from my iPhone


One thought on “La Revolución

  1. Wonderful posts. Feel very much a part of your journey. Hope June’s foot ailment is transient. How are your feet? Refresh with Rioja! – Fred

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