Learning how to pant

I’m not sure if it is innate, but we grow up with a notion of how to pant. That is with sufficient exercise, say walking up a steep hill, we open our mouths wide and exchange large quantities of air. I’m finding that is not a very good plan for dealing with exertion, especially when it is warm. For one thing my mouth drys out. Also I tend to lose a lot of water that way and become dehydrated. And finally the occasional bug flies into the mouth agape and that is just disgusting. The first two cause me to drink more water and after not having enough yesterday that means I need to carry more. Today I filled and carried both of our 1.5 liter Camel Back hydration systems. That’s 3 liters and, since “a pint’s a pound the world around,” that’s about 6 pounds of water that I’m carrying. So I am trying to teach myself to pant through my nose. It is sort of like yoga breathing only not so relaxing. It is not going well so far. I’ll keep you posted. Today we walked from Los Arcos to Logroño, about 28 km. That means that we have only about 635 km (395 mi) more to go. It feels good making such progress. It also means we entered Rioja, one of Spain’s best wine areas. I’m not sharing any interesting stories tonight. I’m tired and frustrated by lack of Internet access. Again I will wait to send this posting until I get access.


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