Are we there yet?

Some of you with children may share the experience we’ve had when we were three blocks from home on a family road trip hearing, “Are we there yet,” from the back seat. We (said patiently) aren’t there yet. We are Sahagún stopping for lunch. We passed the half way point in our journey about mid-day yesterday. We expect to be in León in about two days. So…just settle down. Sent from my iPhone


3 thoughts on “Are we there yet?

  1. it’s hard to believe you’re already half-way there; this feels really fast, at least from this side of the table. Thanks so much for posting – I really look forward to hearing what you’re up to first thing in the morning. I’m baking bread this morning. Made a batch of wild black raspberry jam yesterday. Really did take up the fiddle! stay well; we’re all cheering you on!

  2. we are following you step by step. Alonso went camping for a week. He packed his own bag “like Grandpa and Grandma, he said”. The house is quiet…

  3. I FINALLY remembered why Sahagun sounded familiar… It’s the name of a great chocolate shop here in Portland, which apparently was named after a Spanish missionary in Mexico long ago who was fascinated by the Aztec’s use of cacao. Just wanted to share some trivia. 🙂 We continue to enjoy your posts. pie a pie, sigue adelante!

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