Per and Eva

Tomorrow morning we will be moving on a different path from a couple of friends we met and have walked with for many days. I’ve talked before about Per and Eva from Sweden. Per retired last month from teaching French and Italian. He also speaks English, German, and quite a lot of Spanish. He was always introducing us to other peregrinos from other countries because he could and would strike up conversations with them in their language. He does well with Japanese menus, too, but that is a different story. Eva is a take charge kind of woman. One morning we went to have breakfast in a bar. A lot of other walkers had the same idea and the owner, who had tried to go it alone was overwhelmed. Eva got up to help move our food to our table and the next thing we knew she was behind the counter helping out. Eva works for SAS airlines so she and Per are able to travel a lot. That travel and their own curiosity have made them interesting people with a great world view who are fun to be with.


Per and Eva have a tighter deadline than we do to finish the Camino so tomorrow they are going to take a bus to León and then on to a one more day equivalent of walking to get them on a schedule that is more likely to get them to Santiago by their deadline. We will miss them. Their companionship and conversations while walking have made the kilometers go by more quickly. The chips and beer at the end of the day has been a great way to relax after a sometimes difficult day’s walking. We are planning on not saying goodbye tomorrow but rather hasta luego for we fully intend that in the near future we will be spending time together, once again, over the table.


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One thought on “Per and Eva

  1. Friends, we appreciate so much the blog and knowing where you are in your journey. On Sunday the unison prayer from the Iona Community included these words”Lord Jesus, it’s good to know that you lived in the flesh, walked where we walk, felt what we feel, got tired , had sore and dirty feet, need to eat, and think about where the next meal was coming from—-it reminded us again of our pilgrims on their journey. Blessings and loveReggie

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