Are we there yet (2)

No, we are not there yet (still somewhat patiently).


We are in León. (The photo below was taken as we were entering the city.) Didn’t we have a grand time walking first through the thick mud and then along a busy highway and through the industrial section of the city?


Remember how beautiful the cathedral was even though we had to climb all those steps after a day of walking? And what an adventure it was visiting all those bars in León and not finding one that sold beer AND chips!

Now maybe you could try reading your books for awhile. I’ll tell you when we are getting close. We have about 312 km to go. Sent from my iPhone


One thought on “Are we there yet (2)

  1. Your post gave me a bit of a chuckle this morning. I hope you have a better day today – at least beer AND chips! Book club was great again, although we missed you. For next time, Aaron will lead a discussion on Cradle to Cradle.

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