Spain rocks!

I think that the name of this country, España, comes from some word from a now lost language that means “rocks.” I first became aware of rocks in Spain as we entered Spain on the Camino. I had heard that Spain had received E.U. monies to restore and improve the Camino. I felt I was seeing some of that at work as potentially muddy paths were covered with rocks to make them more passible. But I wondered at the engineering. Why did they choose this type of rock that was the wrong size and shape to walk comfortably over? In fact it made walking downright difficult. It slowed the process of going up with the unevenness and made going down, especially when wet, down right treacherous. They are June’s least favorite surface for walking upon. The tend to push your foot this way then that and then push hard into the ball of your foot and then strike your heel in that tender spot. Having been trained in clinical hypnosis I thought I could use suggestion to reframe June’s experience. I suggested that she think of the stones massaging her foot putting gentle pressure here and there and helping soothe her feet and bringing her joy instead of blisters. She wasn’t persuaded nor, for that matter, was I. So I was questioning the intelligence of the the Camino path making department when what had been present all along entered my perception more clearly. The farm fields next to the Camino didn’t look much different than the path we were on. That is , they were full of stones, only with signs of cultivation. The picture below hints at what I mean. If you look closely what appear to be clods are rocks.


ALL of the fields are full of rocks. There are rocks everywhere! Rocks were not put on the camino path, they are an integral part of it. I’m sure that when the first human explorers from the fertile crescent or wherever they came from got to Spain that their reports to home said, “They sure have a lot of rocks. Let’s name this land España (or whatever the precursor word was) meaning “mostly rocks.” This is one of those situations I wrote about earlier. It is impossible for me to convey in words or photos the prevalence of rocks everywhere. Now to be accurate you won’t see them in some towns or cities where they have been covered over with pavement and sidewalks but those are the only exceptions. You remember what I wrote about decision making while walking. Below is a “highway” for us in that there is a pretty clear path through the rocks, a not too common occurrence.


Rocks are useful here as well. We see walls made of rocks, houses made of rocks and, yes, roads paved with rocks. You do not see many glass houses in Spain and I’m thinking it’s that stone thing.


I could have titled this posting “Spain’s rocks” or “Spain has rocks” or “Spain is rocks” but I thought the one I chose, while not so accurate, was catchy and would help keep and acquire readers. After all that is what blogging is all about. I’ll leave this subject by wishing you the common greeting in Spain. Not buenas días or Buen Camino but Rock on!

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One thought on “Spain rocks!

  1. My feet hurt just reading this! Go Doug Go !! You’re almost there! (that’s what they always say to marathon runners. Generally not all that encouraging).We’ll need a Happy Hour (on the Rocks) when you get back ;)Enjoying your writing!Jane

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