Are we there yet? (3)

(less patiently) No…we are in Santa Catalina de Somoza. Remember how we stayed in that new albergue (just opened in July) and ate a simple supper with the couple who run it? It was fun because the conversation over the table was entirely in Spanish. Then today we walked through the city of Astorga which at one time was the capital of Spain. From Astorga we’ve been gently climbing to where we stopped for the night. We will be climbing for the next couple days until just after we reach the Cruz de ferro at which we will be at the highest point of the Camino at 1517 meters. It is higher than our walk from SJPP to Roncesvalles but the rate of assent and descent are not as fast (barely). The SJPP to Roncesvalles holds the record for going way up and way down the fastest. 

We now have only 256 km to go. We are just over 2/3 of the way there. I WILL let you know when we getting close. Now, you share back there. 

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One thought on “Are we there yet? (3)

  1. so you keep walking … I thought about you in worship on Sunday -theme was preseence of God wherever we may be . We ended by singing this song – make up a quick melody if you need to -it will help your steps -Song: I Shall Walk in the Presence of GodText: Adapted from Psalm 116. I shall walk in the presence of God, I shall walk.With the sun and the rain upon me, I shall walk.In the land of the living, living land, I shall walk.With my sisters and brothers around me,I shall walk.(. . . sing . . . pray . . . breath . . . dance . . .)May you know that in each step you take, we are with you !

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