Are we there yet? (5)

No (a little abruptly). We are at Alto de Poio. Think of the lovely walk we had from Vega de Valcarce. It was a sunny day as we walked through the chestnut tree forest, up and up and up for 8 km until we reached O Cebreiro. That town was established as a pilgrim assistance location. Now, besides the pilgrims, many tourists go there. Even though it was mid week there were a couple bus loads there when we arrived. If I had packed a Sharpie I would have done a few autographs as an authentic pilgrim.

We have left the Province of Castilla y León and entered Galicia today.

We had lunch and then walked some more ups and downs until the steep up that brought us to this town. The views today were stunning.

We have only 149 km left to go.

Again, I will certainly let you know when we get closer.

Let’s not use that kind of language with each other back there.


2 thoughts on “Are we there yet? (5)

  1. Dear Friends, we are with you in thought and prayer. What a journey, your lives and ours will never be the same through your pilgrimage. The pictures help us capture a “bit” of what you are experiencing. Are you planning a rock garden when you get home? (smile). Love,Reggie & ken

  2. Imagine us clapping and cheering you on as you near your destination! Hope that all continues to go well. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

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