Are we there yet? (6)

No (impatiently). We are in Portomarín. You remember how in Sarria we began to see what we had been warned about. It first appeared as a taxi dropping off about 8 rucksacks at a hotel. Then we turned a corner and saw about 20 people with day packs, many of them in matching colors with “American Camino” written on them. Some carried walking sticks. Almost all had cameras. Yes, we were at the largest city near the 100 km before Santiago. You will not be awarded a Compostela (the certificate showing that you have completed the Camino) unless you walk the last 100 kms. So a lot of pilgrims start at the 100 km mark. Many of those are part of tours and have their packs transported by taxi or bus while they walk with day packs.

Remember how we walked through the verdant rolling hills with the grazing cows and sheep? We passed through many small villages and a couple of times had to step aside while cows were moved herded along the Camino from one pasture to another.

The weather was perfect– sunny with a cool breeze and the opportunity to walk in shade most of the time.

Now we have 98 kms more to go before Santiago. I WILL let you know when we are closer. Don’t fight back there!


One thought on “Are we there yet? (6)

  1. awhhhh, the thought that people think they can just “jump in ” at the 100 km. mark and call it a walk…………….now that’s just not right!! I’d love to be there with you two walking with the cows……… your step

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