Corn cribs

Galicia is farm country. We walk through small towns where we share the streets with cows. There are pastures and small fields of corn and other already harvested grain. The pictures are of horreos. That is the Galician version of a corn crib. There is a distinct smell of…cows in the air. It is a very peaceful scene. I’m certain that the reality of life here is more difficult than it looks.

We stopped for the night at Palas de Rei. We are 72 kms from Santiago. (To the front door of the cathedral including zig-zags). If things go well we should be there Thursday but the Camino will determine our schedule.

Tomorrow we plan to stop for lunch in Melide and specifically at Pulperia Ezequiel which has been recommended by several sources as being one of the best places to enjoy the Galician specialty of pulpo (octopus). We are looking forward to it.

I’ll try to write more and let you know how the pulpo was and how it compares to other pulpo we’ve eaten tomorrow. But for now…rock on!


3 thoughts on “Corn cribs

  1. You two ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m always so impressed by what you accomplish and your willingness for adventure! Enjoy the octopus!!

  2. I am so excited for you and June. Already planning my next trip to do another Camino. Can’t wait for you to get back and have you over for ensalada mixta. Ultreia!Mark

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