Are we there yet?(7)

NO! (exasperatedly)! We are in Arzúa. How can you forget the delicious pulpo and the pimiento padrones? It was a tough day with lots of ups and downs. We pushed a little further so that the last two days will be shorter. We are very much on track to be in Santiago on Thursday barring unexpected circumstances.

I know that we are all eager the be finished at this point. Why don’t you, back there, think of the stories you can tell of what you have seen, the things you have learned from the people you have met, and what you have learned from the journey when you are together over the table. We have 42 kms to go.


5 thoughts on “Are we there yet?(7)

  1. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm! looks so delicious!! Reminds me of the amazing food we had @ your place prior to your departure. Safe travels these last few days!! So enjoyed reading about your journey. Again, you two are AMAZING!! Don’t walk too fast these last couple of days………relish in the moments that remain and all that have filled your last month. Peace and Prayers, good food, cool wine, and beer and chips and restful sleep.

  2. Those fried peppers are amazing, aren’t they? We had some at a Galician restaurant in Madrid ten years ago and could hardly believe how good they were. What a wonderful reward at the end of your long day. Cherish these last steps of your journey. Though we look forward to seeing you soon, those of us in the “back seat” have been enjoying the journey.

  3. June said she could have eaten a bucket of the peppers (me,too!). The layers of flavors with the fresh “green” taste of the peppers tempered by the sweetness from the frying (grilling?), and then the salt…delicious!Sent from my iPhone

  4. What a journey you are having. Thanks for “taking” us along through your messages. We are with you in thought and spirit. Treasure the last of your journey. Can’t wait to have you home and share a hug.

  5. Maybe if we sang a few rounds of “De Colores” that would help?!?!? Thanks for sharing your journey with us – we think of you often throughout our days.

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