We are there now!

I told you I would tell you when we got there. Here we are in Santiago. We arrived at the cathedral just before 1:30 this afternoon (Spain time, 6:30 AM Central time). We met Herberto from Guadalajara, Mexico and his son (who lives in Madrid). Later we met Petra and Walter from Germany and Jason from California/Colorado who has been teaching in Costa Rico and Nicaragua all of whom have been fellow travelers with us from time to time.

We went directly to the Pilgrim’s Office to pick up our Compestela, certifying that we completed the walk. Then found a hotel (no shared shower!) to check into and to drop our ruck sacks. We then, of course, walked. We walked around the old part of Santiago. It is MUCH different walking without ruck sack or walking poles.

Now we are planning a bus trip to the end of the world (Finisterre) and will spend another day in Santiago before we head to Madrid to fly back to Minnesota on Monday.

Santiago is…nice. The cathedral is interesting. The walk was amazing! You know, there is a reason they do not call this La Destinación de Santiago. It is the Camino that is the important part. So remember back there, it is not what you achieve but the journey that counts.


6 thoughts on “We are there now!

  1. Wow! Celebrate the result; reward the activity. Congratulations to you both. I am so thrilled for you. All my best! See you when you get back.MarkP.S. If you have room to pick up and pack some yellow arrow lapel pins, I will take as many as you can bring back.

  2. I couldn’t be more proud! You both have endured, you have you have kept stepping, and I am sure you have learned a lot about yourselves. Congratulations, les quiero muchisimo y buen viaje!!!

  3. This is only the beginning. The Camino will live in you everyday, forever. You will never be the same and your life will get richer and more blessed in ways you cannot imagine. Buen Camino!

  4. Congratulations! It has been fun to follow your blog, but we are especially looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in person. Enjoy the rest of your journey. What an accomplishment!

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