Irony  noun ˈī-rə-nē also ˈī(-ə)r-nē   Definition: incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result.

You will remember from my last posting that we were moving and that I held some concern about finding a way to get internet service into our apartment. It wasn’t our first priority but I felt it was important. It turns out that it was fairly simple. I told our apartment agent of my difficulties finding residential internet service and he started to tell me how to go about getting it installed then, instead, walked me to the nearest Vodafone shop where he had the shop keeper explain how it worked. It turns out that it is better and easier that I thought. You buy a Vodafone Station and sign a contract. A USB internet key comes with the Station. You plug the key into the station and hook up computers with ethernet connections. There may be a way to make it wi-fi at this point but I’m not sure about that. For up to the first 20 days “your internet will be slow.” Sometime in that time period a Vodaphone technician will come to our home and hard wire the Station to the internet. This obviates the need for the key (except maybe to make it wi-fi). One can then take the internet key anywhere and plug it into a USB port on any computer and provide an internet connection for that computer. That is better that what I had at home. So I bought the Station, plugged in the key, connected my computer with an ethernet cable, and was online. All that fretting for nothing.

So, why the title Irony? Well, while we did now have internet in our apartment we did not have water, electricity or a kitchen. We had the luxury item but not the basics. The apartment is an old apartment that is being rennovated. Apparently when the workmen came the day before to do the work the outer gate was closed and they couldn’t get in to work. We had gone yesterday to get our keys from our apartment agent, Luca, at 11:00 AM and he gave us the news that the apartment wasn’t ready and to come back at 6:00 PM. He did give us a key so we could put our stuff in the apartment. When we met with Luca at 6:00 PM he gave us a schedule for the next day of when the gas person would be coming, when the water person would be coming, when the electrical person would be coming, etc. It turns out that the electrical man came that same evening and provided us with lights and power. We still had no water. It was basically like camping only without a latrine. It was a bit like the Camino with needed services not always being available when needed. We did some careful planning to anticipate our needs. We ate at a restaurant late so that we could not only eat but use their restroom just before going home to bed. We found a nearby cafe that opened early so that we could get our morning coffee and use their restroom first thing in the morning. We spent most of today in the apartment with workmen putting things together. The aparment owner came by and was horrified with what we had to put up with. She pushed the workment hard and by about 5:00 PM this evening they had our apartment livable though not finished. We have not only water, but hot water. We have a stove that functions. We have a refrigerator that works. The washing machine will be a few days and there are some other details that need work but it is coming together and we can spread out from our suitcases.

To be balanced in reporting, the apartment will have almost all new furnishings and will be very comfortable. We pushed a little for getting in on the date we moved in but had been assured that it would be done by then.

There is a lesson somewhere in this about worrying and anticipating and how with life’s various turns those worries may be misdirected and a waste of time but I can’t think of how to work that into this posting.




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