Getting Settled Italian Style

This will be a short catch up posting to what has been happening here. It will be short for two reasons. First, I’ve acquired a cold or what in my previous life I’d call a URI.  It isn’t so debilitating but it takes that edge of excitement of being here and getting ready for school down a notch. Secondly, there hasn’t really been much that has happened. I’ve already spend too much virtual ink on our apartment situation. Today, we were supposed to get some more things hooked up like our washing machine, the oven and the burner lighters on the stove. We weren’t sure of the time the workman would be coming. Luca, our apartment agent said he thought he would be able to get them to come early. The land lady said that they’d be here this afternoon. What this basically meant was that we couldn’t leave the house in case someone showed up to make our lives just a little better. We did decide that they were not coming this morning and I texted Luca to say we were running errands.

I met Molly through a referral from Slow Food Minnesota. Molly is from Hibbing and will be in my class this year. She arrived yesterday (Monday) and we touched electronic base this morning. We were going to go to the Big Store as we were told that’s where we could buy stuff we need inexpensively. We invited Molly to come along as she had shopping needs, too. She just got her degree to be a dietician and took her registration exams on Friday in Minneapolis. We walked to BIg Store which was about 3 km. It was raining but it was a nice walk and we got to chat and meet a new classmate and fellow Minnesotan.


View from our our guest bedroom window.


The Big Store wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The prices weren’t that much better, if at all, from our hardware shop across the street. It was huge and sterile and I don’t anticipate shopping there again. The people at the hardward store now know us since we’ve been there every day. We did, if fact, go to the hardware store after retuning home and splurged! We bought a small multi-purpose pot (with a strainer insert), a mixing bowl, two small bowls, a frying pan, a large cooking spoon, a cutting board, a bathroom rug, …there must be something else I’m forgetting. I had purchased yesterday from Coop (that’s pronounced like the chicken shed and I don’t know if it is really a co-operative. I don’t think so because it is a chain and feels very corporate.) 4 dinner knives, 4 forks, and a spatula. June says it is like being newly weds again. We now have enough stuff to make a decent meal at home.

Anyway, we continued to wait at home for the rest of the afternoon and nobody came to do any work. We were hoping to take the bus to Pollenzo to see how the bus route went and to explore that small town a little before I start class tomorrow. It is sort of equivalent to walking your child to school before school starts so they know the route and have one less thing to worry about.

But, we didn’t do that. Tomorrow I put on my new school clothes. You know, new jeans that swish when you walk because they are stiff and haven’t been washed yet (Many reading this will have no idea what I’m talking about with all jeans today having been not only pre-washed but pre-partially-worn-out.) My new going to school sweater. My back pack isn’t new. I wanted to buy a Despicable Me one but June said, “No.” I don’t need a lunch box. We saw a cool wooden pencil box but passed on it. I’m worried that the notebook I brought from Minnesota won’t fit my needs but I’ll have to see. So…I think I have everything in order. June has threatened to take my “first day of school” photo. If so, it may get posted. 

But now, to take care of my URI, I’m going to bed.



5 thoughts on “Getting Settled Italian Style

  1. I hope your first day of school is/was a good one. Did you take an apple to your new teacher? And have you fixed some more soup to help you recover fromyour URI. Sounds like things are slowly falling into place. And now the school adventure begins. Enjoy!

  2. Sent Doug off to school and certainly took several photos, including one before the first cup of coffee. Guess D. didn’t realize I’d be documenting his every step this AM, we deleted the bathroom scenes. 🙂 Also plan an end of day photo, hope he finds his way home as the students are having a faculty meet and greet with aperitifs. End of the day may be a more interesting photo. To post will need Doug’s help as I’m quite inept with technology. This is so exciting for him, and I know he will maximize his experience. I am holding down the fort waiting for the electrician, doing hand washing, journaling, knitting, reading. Over the lunch siesta will sneak out to have coffee (I know no workmen will appear during that time frame) and to hunt down a school for language classes which looks quite close to the apartment. June

  3. Looking out on a roof-top in Bra is much more pleasing than roof tops here. I look for ward to hearing more about your classes – both Doug’s and June’s. It’s 50 degrees here in Northfield. Ahhhh. Spring at last!

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