A little more food and some statistics

Food has been a part of our past couple of days here. We decided to begin our exploration of pastry shops more in earnest and we went to the Saturday market in Torino. I’ll be brief and cut to the photos. Our latest pastry shop visited is just down the street from our apartment. It is Lusso Pasticceria and is at Via Audisio,13. It seems like more of an “upscale shop” in that its offerings are smaller, often just a bite or two, and more decorative. They don’t, for instance, sell bread or hard rolls there. They do have a couple of larger pieces that could be cut and shared, like a strudel, but mostly they are small and fancy. We bought several different pieces to try. The owner put our selections on a bright gold colored paper tray (suitable to serving these treats to guest on) and then slide into a bag that was stapled shut. Very proper. They were delicious. Here is a picture of some of the treats in the case.


Yesterday we went to Torino to the Saturday market. The market was huge with clothes, leather goods, household good, and many other items. I’m going to share some of the food that we saw there. There about a block of vegetables and fruits. A building with fish and sea food. Another building with meat and cheese. It was great fun walking around and taking it all in. We felt like it was just an orientation and that we need to go back. Some of my classmates are planning a trip there next Saturday and we will probably return there with them. Here are some example of what we saw.

We received a class listing so I can update my statistics about my class. There will be 26 of us. We represent 13 countries as follows:


Brazil – 2

Belgium – 1

Canada – 1

Colombia – 1

Croatia – 2

England – 1

Germany – 2

India – 1

Italy – 1

Netherlands – 1

Peru – 1

Sweden – 1

USA – 11


I believe that it is a very interesting, diverse group. It has been fun to be walking around town and to run into people I know. It will be a great experience this year being with them as we study, work, play and eat together and, of course, talk and tell stories over the table.



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  1. Delicious photos, Doug.  I’m savoring the foods even from here.  <o:p></o:p><o:p></o:p>Clay Oglesbee<o:p></o:p>District Superintendent, River Valley District<o:p></o:p>Minnesota Annual Conference<o:p></o:p>The United Methodist Church<o:p></o:p>Cell:  (507) 251-9283<o:p></o:p>From: Over The Table [mailto:post=overthetable.posterous.com@posterous.com] On Behalf Of Over The TableSent: Sunday, March 20, 2011 5:17 PMTo: Clay OglesbeeSubject: [overthetable] A little more food and some statistics<o:p></o:p>

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