Sustainable Gastronomy

It was another grueling day of class work. Professor  Haughton put us through the paces by having us divide up in teams and to develop programs to connect people to healthy food in scenarios that ranged from single mothers on food stamps, to medical students, to prisoners. Some of the teams reported yesterday and we finished up those reports today. I began to gain an appreciation of how powerful it can be having a diverse group of people from many countries and cultures, but with a common interest in food, work together to come up with ideas that could change people’s relationship with food. These were very short group sessions and yet many of the ideas were quite good.

After that we were shown a demonstration on how quickly and easily one could take some seasonal local ingredients and make a beautiful, delicious salad. Our instructor feels that cooking with others is an important part of connecting with good food and used this salad as an example.


(Photo by Jenny Isenborg)

After this “lecture” class continued in some rooms that are part of the church on campus that the students can use as a lunch room. It has a kitchen that we could use to prepare or warm up food we brought as our home work. A bit of chaos ensued while we all worked around each other in the tiny kitchen doing our preparation but in the end it was amazing!


The food was all arranged on a table inside and we each described what we had prepared and why it had meaning or was special for us.

We then moved the food outside where tables had been set up (with some wine) and we sampled and enjoyed the food from the various countries and the connections associated with them.  It was a difficult assignment…not eating too much, that is. The food was delicious. I think that the stories behind the food and the sharing it together over the table enhanced the tastes even more.

After finishing our eating assignment we returned to class. We had been asked to write a short essay about some kind of relationship we had with food. During this part of class we told about what we had written. Many of the stories were quite moving and all were interesting. There is just something about stories told over the table.



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